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BXM is the upcoming next-generation digital trading platform based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia that aspires to place a strong emphasis on user security and easy-accessible system that can assist to trade in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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  • Minimal Deposit Fee with deposit support system
  • Free Cyber Wallet to store
    your digital currency
  • User Friendly system
  • Comply to the BNM Regulations
  • Highly secure in terms of security & KYC/Due Diligence
  • 24/7 Customer Support & Services

100% propriety,
top of the line system

Ground-up implementation from enterprise professionals for a bulletproof system
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Facebook, Google and Twitter Ban Ads, But Do Their Founders Really Dislike Crypto?

Yes, it is true that three of the most well known IT company in the world has banned cryptocurrency related advertising *Google banning in June. Will it effect the development process? Yes, off course, no doubt about it. But the real question here is 'Is it their purpose to halt the development process?' . Honestly speaking, it is not to halt the development process, people should't see it this way. Their intention is to protect the public from being cheated. The thing is organizations are taking advantage of the crypto boom and the trend shows an increasing number of scams are being reported to the authority. Most of the scams came out from these three mediums. Thus, it is a good move for now but not in the long run. After the crypto industry stabilizes then it should be wise that the ban be removed. #crypto #ban #positive #shorttermokay #twitter #google

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